Deluxe One Piece Webbed Harness
Deluxe One Piece Webbed Harness

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The Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Web Harness is a simple, yet strong, harness that can take the load of a fully rigged technical diver and be easily customised with the hardware of your choice.

Please note that the back plate is not included and must be purchased separately. Your back plate options for this harness are the WTX Back Plate Aluminum, the WTX Stainless Steel Back Plate and the Ultralight Travel Plate. Tank bands are also not included.


  • 12ft. of solid 2” (5cm) webbing with centre grommet
  • 2” (5cm) wide crotch strap
  • 6 stainless 2” (5cm) D-rings
  • Includes neoprene shoulder protectors
  • 2 elastic retaining loops on shoulders and one on crotch strap
  • Heavy duty stainless waist buckle
  • 6 stainless serrated retainers



  • Harness only - 0.5kg / 1.1lb
  • Weight with steel plate - 2.65kg / 5.84lb
  • Weight with aluminium plate - 1.28kg / 2.82lb
  • Weight with travel plate - 0.85kg / 1.88lb

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