Cyalume Glow Stick
Cyalume Glow StickCyalume Glow StickCyalume Glow StickCyalume Glow StickCyalume Glow Stick

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The ChemLight lightstick (15cm) was developed more than 45 years ago at the request of the U.S. Navy. Manufactured in France for the Europe/Middle East/Africa zone Armed Forces, it is activated by simply bending and shaking the lightstick. The lightstick, also called sometimes Coolight, then generates reliable lighting used as tactical lighting for training or in the theater of operations. The SnapLight produces 360° of high performance light. It is:

  • phthalate free,
  • waterproof,
  • buoyant,
  • visible at up to one nautical mile (approximately 1.6 km).

Have in White, Orange, Red or Yellow - and if you can't decide we'll pick for you!

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