Cressi Gara Professional Freediving Set
Cressi Gara Professional Freediving Set

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The Cressi Gara Professional LD Set is a mask, fin & snorkel set made for apnea freedivers as a great starter package. If you're thinking about starting to freedive the Gara LD set has a simple snorkel, low volume mask and long freediving fins so you can get started.

Who's the Gara LD Set For?

If you're just starting out freediving then it can be quite confusing what gear to get but this set contains all the basics you need all together in a carry bag. Long freediving fins are more efficient so prefered by freedivers so they can move through the water more effectively.

Set Contains:

Cressi Matrix Mask

Cressi Professional LD Fins

Cressi Corsica Snorkel

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