Aqualung Compass
Aqualung Compass

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Designed with readability in mind, Aqua Lung’s Compass is perfect for navigation under any conditions.

• Large easy to read numbers
• Large side view window allows for easy and accurate navigation
• Strap is designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes and wet/dry suit diameters
• Large, secure 36° ratcheting bezel
• Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
• Fluorescent markings at 10° 20° 30° and 130° for navigation in low-light environments
• Available for either Northern or Southern hemisphere
• Available in wrist mount or drop-in for console Analog Instrument Configurations
• 2 gauge console include Pressure and Depth Gauges (provides option to add in a Compass)
• 3 gauge console includes Pressure, Depth and Compass
• Single unit Pressure, Depth or Compass option available

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